Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel

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Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel Review

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The Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel is the most successful spinning reel that Okuma has to offer. This is mostly because of their competition beating features with an affordable price tag.

The big brother reel to this is the Okuma Cedros Bait caster. These are what you would use if you were to go surf fishing. They are made for heavy lures and long-distance casting. Only a few spinning reels can do what a bait caster can, but if you are loyal to the spinning reel, let’s go back to the Okuma Cedros High Speed.

The sleek diecast aluminum frame and side plate give the reel an attractive look that’ll have everyone stopping their boats to check it out. The gold anodized bail wire and machine cut brass pinion gear gives it just a little touch of class while remaining heavy duty and corrosion-resistant.​


  • Smooth casting
  • Reel is reversible
  • Fantastic retrieval rate
  • Strong drag
  • Deep water jigging


  • Should not hold more than a 20lb line
  • Balance may be thrown off by the large handle knob
  • Gears tend to seize

Fishing is something that I enjoy doing on the weekends or even after a long day of work. When i’m out on the boat off the coast of the ocean, the last thing I want to do is lose a monster fish due to a malfunctioning or weak reel. I can’t tell you how many times I have had this problem. The solution? A sturdy, reliable reel that’ll reel in even the most stubborn fish. Let’s check out the Okuma Cedros spinning reel review.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Spinning Reel

A good reel should be able to last you many years with proper handling and care. Although, if you are an avid fisherman who goes for big game and does the occasional bass or walleye fishing tournament, you’ll probably need something that is better than good, it has to be great.

You can’t go out in the middle of the ocean with a reel that you can pick up for a few bucks at any store that sells fishing gear. You need something that is going to have an excellent drag system. A huge tuna or snapper is going to take your line and swim with it. The drag has to be strong enough to not allow the fish to snap it.​

If you aren’t experienced with high profile spinning reels, I suggest using a 6-7 foot medium light action rod with a medium-light spinning reel that has an 8 pound test. This will help to better prepare you for a more expensive and heavier duty reel meant for trophy fishing.

Overall, this is what a good spinning reel is best for:​

  • Bass fisherman
  • Trophy fishing
  • Offshore saltwater fishing
  • Big game fishing

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Features & Benefits

This reel has the potential to be a wonderful offshore and inland fishing reel. I’m a fan of being out on a boat in the middle of a body of water searching for big game. When i’m reeling the “big one” in, I want something that’s going to fight with power against the heavy fish on the other end of the line. The Okuma speaks highly of their reel’s capabilities, so let’s check out exactly what they’re boasting about.

Dual Force Drag System

Like I said above, drag is vital in the trophy fishing game. When you’re trying to reel in that giant fish that’s trying to get away, you don’t want it leaving you without a line. The Okuma Cedros has a dual force drag system that offers top and bottom spool compression that allows for even pressure.

This drag system also helps to dissipate heat within the line. What happens is when your line heats up, it isn’t going to perform like it should. It’s going to start getting brittle and breaking easily. If the drag system helps keep the heat down to a minimum, you’ll continue to have the smoothest drag possible.

Another feature of the drag system is the hydro block watertight seal. This seal is nothing more than a rubber washer that protects the top part of the drag from water intrusion. This greatly reduces the risk of unexpected and unwanted corrosion.​

High Density Gearing

The high density gearing of the Okuma Cedros is strong enough to withstand the power of big fish in saltwater. It also excels in freshwater fishing with exemplary smoothness and ease. The high density gears give off the strength of stainless steel while having brass gearing smoothness.

This gearing also has a special corrosion resistant coating. This coating helps keep your gears in tip top shape and running smoothly. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a tournament and having your reel seize up due to corrosion. Since this reel is specifically made for saltwater fishing, the corrosion resistant coating is a helpful feature.​

Elliptical Oscillation System(EOS)

This feature is the heart and soul of Okuma’s higher end spinning reels. With this feature, there’s no chance of spool jumping. The secret behind this is the elliptical shaped oscillation gears. These gears help to provide a smooth spool stroke, which in turn, eliminates the spool jumping.

This system also aids in keeping your reel balanced so that the reel wobble is virtually eliminated. The wobbly reel is more of a nuisance than anything to me. It seems to take my concentration away from reeling the fish in. The elimination or reduction of this would be extremely helpful while trying to reel in a larger fish that’s putting up a fight.​

Hybrid Construction

The spool, handle, and bail construction has an awesome hybrid design that features a graphite arbor and an aluminum lip. This lip helps to ensure smooth casting effortlessly as it crosses over the spool.

The aluminum handle is constructed with durability in mind and when it is paired with the solid aluminum bail, it looks heavy duty, but remains lightweight and dense. Inside of these, you will find high performance, stainless steel bearings, 4HPB + 1RB to be exact. All of these bearings combined make for a smoother retrieve.

The 1RB is a roller bearing has a quick-set anti-reverse feature that prevents the handle from spinning in reverse. This helps to make the hook sets much more powerful with better results.​

Narrow Blade Body Design For Reduced Fatigue

Fatigue is real when using spinning reels. When you are fishing with something that has a lot of resistance or something that is heavy, your wrist is going to get tired. The narrow body of the blade helps to cut down some of the movement made by the wrist.

When I started out with my very first spinning reel, the thing was huge. It seemed like it took forever for my wrist to make one rotation. Once I moved to a more narrow body design and learned how to properly hold the reel, I was experiencing less fatigue and cramps in my wrist from rotations.​

Since the Okuma Cedros has that narrow blade body design, you’ll be able to spend more time on the water and less time resting your wrist from fighting to reel in those beastly saltwater fish.

Corrosion-Resistant Coating Process

If you’re fishing in saltwater, any salt that gets on an ordinary spinning reel that isn’t meant for those conditions, is going to corrode. This can halt your fishing expedition and completely ruin a perfectly good reel.

The Okuma Cedros has a corrosion-resistant coating on it that keeps the saltwater from eating away at it. This will keep your reel in better shape for a longer period of time. Once a reel starts to corrode, there’s really no stopping it and it’ll look like it sat down on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for 40 years.​

Reversible Reel

Most aren’t like baseball gloves when it comes to left handed people. A baseball glove requires a different setup that usually costs more. Reels today are easily reversible, such as this one. The best part, you usually don’t have to pay extra to make it happen.

For this reel, all you have to do is disassemble, put on the replacement part to reconfigure the reel, and reassemble it. It is then ready for left handed use. You can do it in a matter of minutes if you know what you are doing.​


If you have just started your big game fishing hobby, the spinning reel is definitely the way to go. They are durable, lightweight, and can be reversed, among other things. Since this reel is specifically made for saltwater fishing, while remaining hybrid, there’s no need to worry about corrosion or ruining your reel due to the sale.

The Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel is the perfect contender for your newfound adventure into the saltwater, freshwater, and even brackish water environment. It’s easy to use, has a strong drag, and is sure to keep you on the water longer with less fatigue and smooth casting.

If you have enjoyed my Okuma Cedros spinning reel review, you can click the button below to check out everything else it has to offer and more details.​

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