Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel Review

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I always look for spinning reels that are lightweight because I mainly use them for inshore and freshwater fishing where sensitivity plays a key role, though durability is important given the fact that I’ve lost some of many favorite reels to corrosion and line etching.

I'm a fan of Pflueger reels because they pack some impressive features for mid-market products and in my opinion, are very well balanced. Keep reading my Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reel review to see if it’s right for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are traditionally built for light lines and lures and is widely considered the best items for bass and walleye fishing. Increasingly, manufacturers are creating extra versatile spinning reels adapted to make them suitable for surf fishing and catching a large variety of fish, but I’d stick to inshore fishing if you want to see the best results.

If you’re one of the thousands of North Americans who competes in the sport of bass fishing, you ought to look for a lightweight reel for extra sensitivity so you can detect even the smallest of bites. For the same reason, you might also be better off buying a reel most suited for a 10lb line – 8lb line at minimum – to make sure you're primed to win the fight.

If your heart is absolutely set on using a spinning reel instead of a bait caster for surf fishing, your money will be wisest spent on a reel constructed from aluminum, most importantly to provide effectual resistance to saltwater corrosion.

You'll also need a product capable of holding a much heavier line than the 10lb too if you're aiming for trophy catches. It's not impossible to buy items that can accommodate over 30lbs, but I would strongly recommend opting for a bait caster when it comes to the large species because it’ll cast further.​

In short, I would say spinning reels are most suited for:

  • Inshore and freshwater fishing
  • Competitive bass fishing
  • Light lines and lures
  • Catching small to medium-sized freshwater species
  • Beginners looking for ease-of-use

Review Summary

Our Rating:

The Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel claims to be amongst the most lightweight in its class. It's mostly manufactured from magnesium to trim as much weight as possible with a double anodized aluminum spool for durability. It also claims to be ultra-smooth with a robust bearing system and sealed carbon fiber drive.

It's a reel that has been designed ready to accommodate a braided line and coupled with a sealed drag system, which should make retrievals simple and smooth. I would say its features make it a great product for trout and bass fishing. Also, it's fitted with anti-twist titanium line roller to minimize the risk of tangles and bird's nests.​

It's one of Pflueger's top-of-the-line spinning reels and as such, is a great option for maximizing your catching ability when it comes to freshwater or inshore fishing. However, with a maximum drag of 12lbs and a magnesium build, I would NOT suggest taking it surf fishing – I'd recommend choosing a product with an aluminum body to prevent corrosion.​


  • Very light weight construction
  • Easy to attach a braided line
  • Smooth casting and retrieval
  • Minimized risk of line twist


  • Provides less resistance to corrosion than aluminum-bodied reels
  • Not suitable for heavy lines
  • Not ideal for saltwater fishing

Features and Benefits

I think this could a potentially fantastic product for inshore, freshwater and bass fishers. Pflueger boasts its lightweight and retrieval capabilities are hard to match when it comes to this class of reel, so let’s have a look at what features make it tick.

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10 Bearing System

Being fitted with ten bearings should make the Pflueger Supreme extremely smooth, both when you are casting and retrieving. It's a little bit more complicated than ‘the more, the better,' however, ten bearings should theoretically keep a spool spinning for a longer duration than a reel with fewer bearings.

You might believe that quality is more important than quantity, but I'd say both quantity and quality are equally important when it comes reel bearings. However, the Supreme XT's bearings are high quality because they’re built from corrosion-resistant stainless steel with durability in mind.

In addition, casting and retrieving a line causes friction on your bearings as they spin. In fact, the heat caused by years of friction is a leading cause of bearing degradation, but using a large quantity reduces the amount of heat each bearing needs to resist. If you maintain your reel properly, you might find that you get years of use from the Supreme XT.​

I know that my lack of maintenance caused a lot of my reels to reach the end of their life before their time. This kind of bearing system would've been particularly helpful to me in my early fishing days because at least it's quite forgiving should you forget to clean your reel regularly.​

Lightweight Construction


When it comes to catching the smaller fish – which is the purpose of a spinning setup – lightness is a great ally. For starters, the lighter the setup, the more sensitive to small fish bites. Additionally, you'll find it much easier to fish all day long if you're using the lightest equipment possible and your rod will be more balanced.

Having said that – before you think light weight means everything – you don't want a product that sacrifices durability to shed weight. Luckily, Pflueger seems to have taken both weight and strength very seriously. The Supreme XT is constructed with a magnesium body and rotor to give it, in the words of Pflueger, a feather light design.

Bear in mind that aluminum will likely provide tougher resistance to corrosion, but magnesium should do just fine against freshwater.

Its drag system is made from carbon fiber, a material which is both very light and sturdy. Also, the drag system is sealed and always lubricated, and that means it should result in a smooth retrieval in addition to proving tough for water and other particles to penetrate.

It’s also fitted with a carbon handle, which is up to 21 percent lighter than aluminum alternatives, as well as a high-density EVA knob. That’s a lot of design specifications purposed to reduce the Supreme XT’s weight, and that’s important given its claim to be the most lightweight reel in its class.

I know that’s a lot of stuff that sounds like I have weight issues, but agility and durability are important factors regarding the usefulness of a spinning reel. I can almost guarantee I’d have caught hundreds more fish if I’d browsed products more carefully before making a purchase in the past.​

Adept for a Braided Line


Some anglers will argue that braided line puts more stress on components such as guides, links and spools and consequently reduce the lifespan of your reel. However, many anglers like the braided line because of its superior strength and sensitivity when compared to a monolithic line.

I tend to fall into the latter category because my common problem with inshore fishing is failing to notice bites (it’s definitely that – nothing to do with technique).

Either way, the Supreme TX is fitted with a braid-ready spool which, as you might guess, allows a braided line to be tied directly to the spool. As for additional handy features when it comes to accommodating fishing lines comfortably, this reel is fitted with an anti-twist titanium line roller and slow oscillation gearing.​


I think the best spinning reels are those that are light, sensitive for small fish bites, easy to cast and durable to last for years to come. It's why manufacturers are always inventing new systems for anti-line twist and using modern alloys for lightness and durability.

So, according to the factors I've listed above, the Supreme TX is a great contender for those serious about freshwater or inshore fishing. Its magnesium build helps make it the lightest reel in its class, it's rugged bearings contribute to long casting distances and easy retrieval and features to reduce line twist and provide versatility are top-notch.

If you’ve enjoyed my Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel review, you can click link below for more details about pricing and how to purchase.​

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