Quantum Smoke Spinning Reel Review

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I've always loved the spinning reel because, in my opinion, it's both very easy to cast and the modern, high-quality products are quite adaptable to a variety of fishing persuasions. That's why I've been looking at the Quantum Smoke Reel – to see if it's worth your cash.

Let’s find out what this product has to offer in my Quantum Smoke Spinning Reel review.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are best suited for light lines and lures and fitted with a gear system that makes wrestling and tiring small game easy, though the high-end products are very versatile despite being considered the easiest to use amongst most anglers.

While I strongly agree a modern spinning reel is a great tool, I would still sway to the belief that the bait caster is a better option if you’re into surf fishing or have ambitions to catch award-winning fish. Plus, there are other types of reels on the market.

In most cases, the bait caster can cast over longer distances with heavier lures than the spinning option, though it’s not easy to use for beginners. But, if you're an ambitious angler with experience, the bait caster reel is capable of catching the largest variety of game.

A spincast reel is a third option that tries to retain the spinning reel's ease of use while eliminating the backlash problem commonly associated with the bait caster, but it’s mostly considered less durable than the alternatives.

If your main hobby is saltwater fishing, you should look for a reel constructed with aluminum, a material that provides tough resistance to corrosion. It’s worth choosing a product with a line management system to minimize the risk of knots and backlash.

You’ll also benefit from high sensitivity to make sure you’re not accidentally oblivious to bites from the fish on the lighter end of the scale, especially given that the spinning reel is very adept at attracting them.​

Review Summary

Our Rating:

Quantum fits all of its reels with an exclusive line management system, and the Quantum Smoke is equipped with a re-designed system that claims to make line retrieval as smooth as possible. It also boasts a fail-proof titanium bail wire, and its light weight with an improved alloy base compared to previous models sets out to deliver impressive casting capabilities while improving overall product strength.

The Quantum Smoke Reel will be a great tool if you’re planning to test a spinning reel’s surf fishing capabilities because it’s fitted with multi-layer corrosion protection. However, as I’ve said before, a lot of anglers would urge you to go for the bait caster alternative for surf fishing, but this reel is definitely a good inshore fishing choice for catching species such as trout and snook.​


  • Multi-layer corrosion protection
  • Ideal spinning reel for surf fishing
  • Improved strength compared to previous models
  • Great for trout and snook fishing


  • Heavier than other spinning reel alternatives
  • It’s unlikely to have the casting capabilities of a bait caster
  • Requires a lot of maintenance

Features and Benefits

I don't want you to waste as much money as I have to purchase a reel that didn't live up to my expectations, so here's what you expect from the Quantum Smoke Reel to help you make a wise investment.

Exclusive Line Management System (LMS)

Quantum’s LMS sets out to prevent your line from tangling partly when casting, but mainly when you’re retrieving your line. The prominent mechanism used to achieve this is a line roller that directs your line onto your spool smoothly when retrieved.

This exclusive LMS system is fitted on all of Quantum’s reels, but the company re-designed its system in 2009 for extra smoothness and manufactures the reel in question with the most recent enhanced version.

I’ve had many days out completely ruined due to tangled lines. I usually always remember to take a spare but re-spooling a line steals time from actually catching fish. If this product's LMS achieves what it claims to, you could potentially avoid wasting the hours I have because of nasty tangles.

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Overall Durability

Source: https://www.eposeidon.com/blog/?p=831

The Quantum Smoke Reel appeals to me with its aluminum build because that provides superior resistance to saltwater corrosion compared to other materials, and you might want to test out surf fishing with your spinning reel before deciding to purchase a bait caster.

Corrosion and rust don't just look ugly; it damages vital components that seriously impede the ability of your reel. As soon as your reel shows signs of corrosion, it's probably time to buy a replacement. Additionally, etching of the spool caused by excessive friction can hamper your maximum potential casting distance.

It’s also designed with effective seals for the drag system and features SCR™ aluminum alloy side covers to prevent water, substantial deposits, and other dirt from leaking into the inner components of the reel.​

I'm not sure about you, but I have a sinking feeling when the reel that's served me so well and caught me an abundance of great fish starts to rust. When I get used to using a product, I want it to last as long as possible, and at least this company has set out to construct a reel that's high-quality build suggests dependable durability.​


When you buy a reel, you probably want it to be ready to go, and Quantum make sure to use oil and grease for the components including the spoil shaft and bearings specially purposed for fishing equipment.

If you’re unsure of exactly how to clean a spinning reel, my advice would always be to use grease specially made for the fishing industry simply because they're manufactured to tackle the grime and action that a fishing reel comes into contact with.

Quantum use their own products to produce this commodity to make sure it's ready to go and primed to resist damage and perform efficiently, notably its Quantum Hot Sauce. It's entirely suitable for use with all fishing equipment no matter what brand, but I would assume it works especially well for Quantum's own products.

To be honest, I've always been a bit of a square when it comes to oiling and greasing my reels because I find it has a tremendous effect on its usability. Spinning reels may not be designed for the long casting distances of the bait caster, but you certainly don’t want to limit your reel’s capacity due to something as simple as using the wrong grease.​

Quantum-Branded Bearings

Source: http://bassanglerhq.com/blog/tackle-box/putting-too-much-bearing-on-bearing-count

You'll find that many manufacturers fit their reels with factory-standard outsourced bearings from companies who sell bearings to a range of industries. I can't claim that results in bad quality, but I do think it says a lot about a manufacturer's commitment to a high standard when they fit their products with custom-made components.

Quantum claim their bearings are high-grade and stainless on top of being specified exactly to each component. This resistance to staining results in a smoother spinning motion and essentially means you'll experience minimal friction and vibrations which could hamper your fishing ability.

Just to add a quick tip for your general interest, you should make sure you grease bearings at least every other month if you're an inshore angler or after every surf fishing session. It's all about maximizing your performance potential while ensuring your reel stands the test of time.

Without trying to plug this brand too much, Quantum Hot Sauce will serve you well in my opinion when it comes to taking care of your equipment and bearings.​

Suitability for Long Periods of Use

This reel is most suitable for use with a 10lb line, which is quite normal for the spinning reel and makes it an apt choice for inshore fishing and relatively lightweight catches. In my opinion, it’ll prove especially useful with its high-quality line management system.

With a drag system designed to dissipate heat quickly, it should be able to cope with hours of use at a time without sustaining damage. Durability is important, because if you make a smart purchase, you might not have to invest in a replacement for years.

Also, Quantum claims the use of computer aids mean its product's components are perfectly aligned and constructed to a high standard to ensure longevity.​


I think this is a product that’s well worth its money. It’s packed with features that make it perfect for inshore fishing, such as a dependable line management system to avoid tangles and a design that increases sensitivity to detect the smaller fish.

It's also a product that provides tough resistance to corrosion for if you want to take it surf fishing, and its light weight and robust construction suggests it's certainly capable of providing you with a handy tool for potentially years to come.

If my Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel review has piqued your interest, you can click link below to view pricing details and links to other products that might be of interest.

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